GET NOTICED: Seven Eye-Catching Tie Knots for the Unusual Man

There are over 177,000 ways to tie a tie. Let that sink in. What’s your signature look? Half Windsor? Four in Hand? Now, no offense to the tried and true, but wouldn’t it be fun to switch it up a bit? Take a look at these unusual, eye-catching tie knotting techniques and get noticed!



For an elaborate knot that’ll put a subtle twist of class on your usual style, look no further than the Eldredge. The fishtail braid effect is created by layering the small end of the tie around the knot, leaving you a with necktie that makes a lasting impression.

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The Onassi

A straightforward knot that reached its peak popularity in the late eighties, the Onassi commands attention. While the knot may look tricky, its execution is uncomplicated. To achieve this look, simply loop the wide end of the tie behind and roll over the existing knot. This knot that’s “knot” is best suited for bold, classic wide tie.

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The Vidalia

Mastering the Vidalia technique may take you some practice; this unique layering effect requires a more intricate set of maneuvers and uses more fabric than your average knot. The end result, however, is fabulous symmetry that sends a message. We recommend a thin, soft tie for optimal results.

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The Trinity

The Trinity, which resembles the Celtic Triquetra, is an eye-catching feat of three way symmetry. Although this polished knot may seem intricate, the steps to achieve this look are quite simple.

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The Truelove

The Truelove knot is a complex knot that is divided into four distinct quadrants that may resemble a heart, a cross or a t-shape. This knot is formed using the small end of the tie and the extra fabric is hidden by tucking it into the collar. This may be the most complicated knot to tie of this list; mastering this technique will take considerable practice. But, the end results are stunning.

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The Merovingian or Ediety  Knot

Fans of the Matrix will easily recognize this knot, which is sported by the mysterious Merovingian. This sleek, medium-level difficulty knot gives the appearance of a tie within a tie (a Matrix, perhaps?).

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Tulip Knot

This is a knot for the well dressed man. To achieve the Tulip effect this knot uses a technique similar to the Eldredge, but creates dimension with its loose fit.

As a rule, the more ornate or complex the knot, the less extravagant or loud the tie pattern should be. Select a tie that contrasts your dress shirt and showcase this eye-catching knot.

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