Our Story

Paco’s extensive knowledge and personal appreciation for quality tailoring evolved from a temporary sales position at The Custom Shop, a national clothing chain, in 1973. What began as an interim job for the 19 year-old Paco evolved into a career spanning over four decades. His tenure at the Custom Shop alone lasted 28 years, during which time he learned the value of master tailoring techniques and quality fabrics. Paco also developed a fondness for designing clothing for the individual, focusing on the asymmetry of the human body. He grasped the ability to develop uniquely fitting patterns in 1/8 and ¼ inch increments. His career at the Custom Shop would eventually propel Paco from sales associate to Midwest Clothing Director. In this position, Paco was responsible for 33 stores in 11 states.

Through the Custom Shop Paco met the man who would become his mentor and dear friend, Martin Greenfield. A legend in the clothing business, Martin owns and operates a Brooklyn-based factory that manufactures some of the finest tailored clothing in the world. Martin’s factory has clothed presidents, billionaires, and movie stars in addition to assembling high quality garments sold in retail stores across the globe. These world-class garments bear designer labels, including that of Paco’s Custom Clothiers.

In 1999, Paco left the Custom Shop with the ambition of building on his experience and starting his own clothing label. Operating out of his East Chicago, Indiana home office Paco would clothe his first client—then Mayor of East Chicago—Robert Pastrikc. Their preliminary meeting resulted in an order of four custom made shirts.  In the years since then Paco has progressed into a nationally renowned clothier whose clients are featured wearing his designs in “Style” sections of publications.  His worldwide clientele numbers over 3,000 and includes senators, CEO’s, mayors, Ozzie Guillen and any person who aspires to wear clothing that fits their individual contours, constructed with the finest fabrics and reflective of their personal style.

His presence in the clothing industry is ever increasing.  Paco has served on the Board of Directors of the Custom Tailors and Designers Association (CTDA).  He has garnered top awards from this association, earning blue ribbons at their annual fashion show gala events in Las Vegas.  In addition to graduating with honors as a Master Designer from the CTDA academy, Paco has earned certification as a “Master Fitter”, from Hart Marx University.

Paco’s rare form of success and knowledge in his field has led to many guest speaking engagements; his topic “First Impressions Make a Difference” has been well received. Paco promotes the idea that “If you don’t present yourself to the best of your ability in the first 30 seconds, you may lose the next step” and hopes that his advice will help others to translate fashion trends into successful, personal style statements.

We all have to start somewhere, right?  Paco acquired the initial desire to express his personal style, as a young boy in Mexico.  Paco’s father was a governor of the Mexican state of Zacatecas and the Mexican ambassador to Indonesia and Cuba.  As a child Paco preferred to wear sport coats, even while attending school. His classmates responded by teasing him for it. This did not deter him. Paco’s sense of style has evolved into his “signature look.” Most of his wardrobe consists of double breasted jackets and French cuffed shirts, nearly always finished with a bow tie.

The expansion of Paco’s Custom Clothiers has not reached its final form. Paco began operating out of a home office in 1999, expanded to an office in Highland, Indiana in 2009 and proceeded to open a Chicago office in 2015.  Based on his ever increasing national clientele Paco is certain that his accumulated knowledge, experience and positive attitude will progress his clothing chain nationwide.